PLEASE NOTE: This program is no longer active and has been archived in SSEC Research History as of 2/23/18: More info

The Office of Space Science Education (OSSE) teamed up with Mechanical Engineering Robotics Lab and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation(DOT) for the 2002 PEOPLE program entiled Robotics, Aviation & Space. PEOPLE refers to the UW-Madison Pre-college Enrichment Opportunity Program for Learning Excellence. The class was held at Space Place on Park Street. Over a three week period the students applied  math, science and communication skills to challenges in Robotics, Aviation & Space. 
Here is a journal of the group activities: 

Week One: ROBOTICS, June 10th through the 14th PICTURES

The Robotics session was led by Jerimiah Neubert, a graduate student at the UW-Madison in Mechanical Engineering. Assisting Jerimiah were Prabu Ravindran, Ram Subramanian and Dan Klein. Students learned to distinguish what constitutes a robot and what comes close but isn't really robotics. They built and programmed robotic arms and tested various sensors attached to robots to explore how computer vision works. Students further simulated a production line and discussed how robotics is used by society.

Week Two: AVIATION, June 17th through the 21st

The Aviation week was coordinated by Karen Valley of the Wisconsin Department of Transporation (WI DOT). Karen enlisted a series of experts  throughout the week before taking the entire class on an exciting visit to  the EAA Airport where the majority of the class became official "Young Eagles" by participating in a demonstration airplane flight! 

Week Three: SPACE, June 24th through the 28th

During the third and final week of the workshop students studied the solar system, satellite technology, rockets and astronomy. They built their own telescopes from a kit and spent a day on campus visiting the planetarium and the observatory.

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Program Coordinator: Margaret Mooney